Hitman’s next elusive target appears

HitmanIt’s time to start up Hitman because as of 14:00 CEST / 05:00 PDT / 1300 BST on Friday 5th August, the Elusive Target tile on the Featured Hub in-game and the contract went live. Make sure you’re ready to go, because The Broker will only be in Paris for 72 hours and there won’t be any second chances.

The eighth Elusive Target for Hitman has appeared, you’d better get on the case though as he’s only in Paris for a short amount of time.
This Elusive Target has two mandatory objectives:
– Eliminate The Broker
– Retrieve the Ivory White
After completing either of those objectives, you will not be able to restart the contract, so make sure to plan carefully.

This is the eighth such elusive target to appear now and on August 16th Hitman’s fourth episode will take Agent 47 to Bangkok, Thailand, The latest mission will see our bald assassin take out an aspiring indie band frontman and his rich family’s lawyer. The action takes place around a grand hotel with vistas over a vast river. Within the hotel you’ll find plenty of musical instruments and other potential weapons to use against your target. Episode 4 also contains the usual collection of new opportunities, disguises and 65 challenges to unlock fresh gear and weapons.


Announcing the update the developers said “While Agent 47 is quite the jetsetter, he rarely chooses to travel for pleasure. 47 is most certainly all work and no play. And so it is that he finds himself travelling to Thailand to bask in the natural beauty of exotic gardens, explore the Himmapan luxury hotel and resort’s exquisite interiors; and most importantly, take care of business.  With episode four, we are extremely pleased to be able to deliver a new spin on a fan favourite type of destination”.  as an added bonus you can check out one of the tracks created by your upcoming target.

Hotels have been popular destination in many a Hitman title. allowing the players to explore and absorb the details each level contains. This latest location looks stunning.

Hitman has been drip feeding us regular updates for a while now and I’m interested to hear what the community think about the episodic nature of Hitman and whether you feel it works well for this game. let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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