HE’S BEHIND YOU! More Until Dawn Gameplay

Until DawnIf you have been hoping to see more of Until Dawn, the PlayStation 4 Exclusive teen-slasher flick turned game, then you are in luck!

This 9 minutes of gameplay doesn’t show much outside some jump scares and cheesy dialog, but it does show the “Butterfly Effect” decision making process in action to some degree.

As you see when they enter the mineshaft, the decision to jump down or to get her to push the cart was a key decision which could have decided whether one or more of the characters lived, or failed to hold onto “all seven of [their] limbs”. After making the decision the left side of the screen showed butterflies telling you that the decision you made affected that.

After that there wasn’t much outside exploring the mineshaft and a few jump scares, which made me wish that the gameplay showed what would happen if the player chose the other decision instead. Maybe he get sliced open as she has to escape through the mineshaft, assuming she could push the minecart out of the way.

Until Dawn looks like a very interesting game, and I am looking forward to seeing how it will turn out on August 18th when it releases.

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