Heroes of the Storm patch brings Monk and more

monkThe Eternal Conflict rages on in Heroes of the Storm with more Diablo goodies in the latest patch. The patch is a large one and includes a new Hero, Kharazim (AKA the Monk from Diablo III), Dynamic Bundles for purchase, Ranked Play changes, as well as a new Battleground to launch next week.

Kharazim is the first support character to be added to the game however players can choose to build a more combat based Hero if they wish. The monk has quite an interesting kit. Players can choose a trait from Transcendence, Iron Fists, or Insight. Transcendence makes every third basic attack heal the lowest nearby allied Hero; Iron Fists give 100% bonus damage to every third basic attack and Insight makes every third basic attack restore mana.

Also in this patch comes the return of the Demonic Tyrael, Blood Elf Tyrande and War World Sgt. Hammer skins. Bundles added are Jade Dragon Kharazim Bundle, Prisoner Tychus Bundle, Conquest Bundle and Domination Bundle. There are also some new mounts to get you around the maps in style including the Treasure Goblin mount which is purchasable with gold and  Malthael’s Phantom which will only be available free to Diablo players who reach level 70 with a character in Season 4.

That’s not the only good news for Diablo III players, as those who log in within the next three days will receive Kharazim for free, and Diablo III players who reach Player Level 12 in Heroes of the Storm will receive a new Heroes-themed Portrait Border and Pennant in Diablo III.

Check out the full patch notes here and the trailer for the new monk character below.

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