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CancerOkay so this is something a little different, regular visitors to the site will already know that 4-One Gaming has taken a stand against “the fanboy” and their ideas. But that’s just one issue facing the modern world, there’s another, much darker and far less forgiving blight we should all be fighting to control. One that affects the world on a much wider scale than Internet trolls. Cancer.

I’m going to speak to you all on a personal level now, I personally have never been affected by Cancer either directly or in-directly. I guess I’ve just been lucky, but many of you will be sat reading this having been affecting this. My partner, Hanna, is one of those people having lost her Mother 10 years ago this November. She’s incredibly strong, and over the 10 years since the pain has faded. But it will never go away entirely.

Graydon’s: Sister Sarah (Left), Mam Angela (Middle Left), Hanna (Middle Right) and Dad Leslie (Right).

To mark 10 years since her Mother, Angela, left this world Hanna has decided to throw herself from a plane in a bid to raise money for Cancer research. So far she has raised a decent amount but I’d now like to appeal to you, the 4-One Gaming community to help raise even more. In the near future I will personally be hosting some endurance style gaming sessions to help with the overall effort, and in addition to the skydive other members of Hanna’s family have committed themselves to some pretty inspiring stuff whom of which you will also be sponsoring. Her Sister Sarah for example has committed herself to 10 miles worth of exercise everyday for ten days, while more distant relatives are planning to embark on a 10 mile hike.

I’m not asking anyone to break the bank to sponsor Hanna and any contribution at all will be gratefully appreciated. If you’re interested in sponsoring Hanna and her family then head over to her Virgin Money Giving page to contribute, Link to follow.

Click here to be taken to the giving page if you want to donate.

Weather permitting Hanna’s efforts will be videoed and posted to the site next week. Which if anything should be great entertainment.

Thank you in advance.

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