Hello Games break silence and announce No Man’s Sky update

no man's skyNo Man’s Sky developer Hello Games have broken their long silence last night with the announcement of an update coming ‘soon’. Called ‘The Foundation’, it will offer the first set of abilities for players to build bases, and further develop the game.

“Detailed patch notes will follow, and release will be soon,” according to the blog post update, but that’s about it. However, after the abysmal support and communication following the release of 2016’s biggest upset, will there be enough remaining players still to look forward to this next chapter?

Call us pessimists, but I feel the damage is already done and while we’re curious to see what Hello Games can salvage from the disappointment that was No Man’s Sky, I think it’s gone beyond the point of repair and salvation.

No Man’s Sky was promised to be bigger than what it released as, and we don’t want to go sharing that Jurassic Park video again on the article, which hits the nail on the head. Will ‘The Foundation’ bring players back, or do you feel it’s too late?

no man's sky fail

The last we heard from No Man’s Sky or Hello Games was during a rather interesting weekend where the Twitter account was seemingly ‘hacked‘ back in October.

[Source: Hello Games]

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