Hellblade Still on Track for 2016 Release

Hellblade ScreenshotAmid fears development on Hellblade had restarted, Ninja Theory have said that this is not true, and in fact have just moved into production.

Last week, the studio tweeted that they have “retired” the vertical slice of the game which we recently saw, saying they “started Hellblade production afresh.” Naturally the wording threw some people off, and raised concerns that the game’s development has been restarted, but that is not true.

The developers said that the retirement of the vertical slice is a good thing, as they are now moving into full production of the game, and are well on their way to releasing before 2017. They are no longer experimenting with ideas, as they have settled on a design.

They say they are committed to open development, allowing fans to see how well they are progressing, saying “the positives outweigh the risks.”

Hellblade is interesting for two reasons. One being how it is looking into mental health issues, and the other being how ambitious it is. Not ambitious because of it’s theme, but because of how it is being developed. Ninja Theory are attempting to make a triple A game, while on a more high range indie budget, by coming up with creative solutions to overcome the cost.

I really hope to see this work, as if it does it means a lot of struggling developers could employ similar tactics to help their wallets and smaller teams could enter the triple-A space. Below is the vertical slice mentioned. Remember, this is pre-production and not fully representative of the final product.

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