Have a Listen: Royal Blood

 maxresdefaultWith our imminent advancement to our website we decided to test the waters with some music recommendations. We usually do our Sunday soundtrack but today we are giving it a spice up by suggestion a band in particular. Although the band in question has started in many games already in the last year and potentially more games will invest in their songs in the months that follow. 

Royal Blood are a two piece, modern grunge band from the U.K. They consist of long time friends Mike Kerr on bass and vocals and Ben Tachter on drums. Yes you heard correctly, just drum and bass but the sound they achieve is leaps and bounds ahead of artists with many more musicians. Of course this isn’t the first time a two piece has taken the world by storm. Precursors such as The White Stripes and The Black Keys have taken the minimalist approach to music now for years, both with high levels of success. Although what Royal Blood achieved in just over a year and a half is outstanding. 

Royal-BloodThe band launched in 2013 when Kerr returned from a working holiday in Australia and with just two days of rehearsals hit the road on tour with Arctic Monkeys. Soon to follow was their first single “Out of The Black” which was also later featured on their self titled first album. Of course Artic Monkeys were only the start of the music scenes support of the band. Led Zeppelin, Muse and the Foo Fighters are massive supporters of the band with the latter even taking them on their world tour at different intervals. Their own worldwide tour sold out in a matter of minutes with their rise to fame quickly cemented. 

Royal Bloods music has featured in three pretty big games from last year. Forza Horizon 2, WWE2K15 and UFC all featured tracks from the British duo. If that weren’t enough they also had some of their material played in tv shows such as Gotham and The Vampire Diaries. So maybe you have heard the band before in some shape or form. 

The bands sound is rich with hard blues rock riffs with melancholy yet powerful vocal lines. Kerr uses an array of pedals and amps to fill out the sound and presence to great avail. Thatcher provides powerful and skillful drumming which compliments the music perfectly. All heard together it sounds like an ode to the acts of old while progressing sound in the rock genre which has gone a miss as of late. 

Recently Adult Swim made them a video for their first single as a re-release in a sense and that is the video we have provided. So if you are a fan of garage or grunge, like a bit of funk in your life and are looking for some new band to listen to look no further. Give them a look below and tell us what you think.

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