Hatoful Boyfriend is Winging its way onto PlayStation this Month

HatofulThe greatest gaming romance of all time flies in the face of public perceptions of love and it will be available on PlayStation 4 and Vita from July 21st. The incomparable Hatoful Boyfriend is all about the true beauty of pigeon schoolyard romance as bird lovers find their dream avian companion.

The game has already been out on Steam and even has a sequel and has received a warm reception from gamers who have found themselves amused and bemused by the concept. The PlayStation version of the game will see the addition of a new romance option who is sure to ruffle a few feathers. Originally appearing only in Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star (the previously mentioned sequel to this wonderfully bizarre series), Tohri will now be fully romanceable. This addition means the game will have a whole new storyline and ending.

This is a game that truly has it all, stalkers, rivalries, an ever looming apocalypse, and pigeons… lots and lots of majestic pigeons. It’s only fitting then that when you buy it you have it all for both PS4 and Vita. Hatoful Boyfriend is the latest game to feature cross-play which has proven to be a refreshingly common practice with games purchased from the PlayStation Store. Pigeon fanciers will be able to pick it up for $10 (price not yet confirmed for Europe but expect €10, £7/8).

If you find yourself cooing over this game then you won’t need to wait long for more either. Holiday Star is set to follow and should be arriving on PlayStation later this year.


Source: PlayStation


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