Harmonix reveal PlayStation VR title

harmonix music vrHarmonix, the studio best known for creating Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central have leaped into VR mode and have revealed their latest project for the PlayStation VR; Harmonix Music VR. Load up any song from your library and feel like you’re inside it, as odd as that sounds!

Harmonix Music VR comes with four modes, and works with any song you have stored on your PlayStation 4 console. The four modes include The Trip, Easel, The Beach and Dance Party, all shown off in the trailer below. It looks a bit mental, but maybe if it is shown off with music that would appeal to you more so, it might be more interesting. Right now, looking at this, I feel like it’s just a bit too trippy and probably ideal for those who enjoy drug usage. Am I allowed say that? Well, I said it!

Harmonix Music VR is due for release in October, but expect to see more of it during E3 and prior to the game’s launch.

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