Harmonix details Rock Band 4’s new features

rock band 4In a new video by Harmonix, the studio details what new features will be included in Rock Band 4, such as Freestyle Guitar Solos, Freestyle vocals, and much more.

‘Kool Terry’ introduces us to the Instructional Vidlet, a near seven minute video showing off the returning title’s new features. As we mentioned above, the game will now include the ability to implement your own Freestyle Guitar Solos. From the footage here, it looks like it will take some getting used to, some hands on if you will. I trust Harmonix, and I know that they wouldn’t include a feature like this unless it was fun to use, so here’s hoping it’s easier than it looks.

The vocal Freestyle feature allows wannabe rock star vocalists the opportunity to spread their wings and go beyond what the song asks of you. If you want to extend a note or word before the chorus or break, feel free to do so. The game won’t penalise you, and may in fact reward you, or at least notice your efforts!

Finally, there’s the new career mode. The game will allow you to start from the bottom, and work your way up the career ladder. Once you reach certain milestones, you can choose how you want to progress. An example in the video shows the player being given the choice between a van or a manager. A van will allow you to visit more locations, while a manager will help boost your fan base.

Of course, the game will allow you to import all of your existing DLC from previous Rock Band titles, as long as you are investing in the game on the same platform as your last generation console. You can reuse your plastic instruments as well, although the Xbox One version will require an adaptor, sold with the game, that will allow for wireless controllers to be used.

Rock Band 4 will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 6th.

[Source: Youtube]

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