Hardware Rivals receives free additions with latest patch

hardware rivalsJanuary’s PlayStation Plus title Hardware Rivals has received a new patch, which you’ll find makes weapons pack more of a punch, vehicles faster, and adds a bunch of free add-ons to unlock. Not only that, but it also adds game modes to try out over the coming days and weeks too!There is also another variation of control options to help players get to grips with Combat Driving if you have been struggling to enjoy the game. Two new vehicles have been included with the patch, which are the Scarab FAV and Barbarian tank, coming with a full range of new skins and a fresh set of add-ons.

hardware rivals tankThe official Hardware: Rivals Sharefactory theme is another addition now available for free today. With your video editing skills use the official theme to show off your takedowns, lucky escapes, and impossible shots in the style that they deserve.

With regular updates to come in the future, you can expect new features soon such as

  • Ranked Play Seasons
  • Special Events
  • New maps

If you want to see the patch notes for patch 1.07, you can see them on the official forum post here.

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