Hardcore, A First Person Gaming Inspired Movie, Looks Good?

Hardcore ScreenFor years movies have been trying to capture the magic of games, but nearly always stumble and fall flat on their face. This is usually because they just use an already established IP and play it safe to get as large an audience as possible, rather than actually make it feel like a video game.

Pixels earlier this year did things a little differently, but again it only used established IP’s and rather than trying to be interesting, or even funny in any way, it played of your nostalgia for those games. However last year a music video for the band Biting Elbows called “Bad Mother Fucker” got a lot of attention, especially for director Ilya Naishuller, including that of Timur Bekmambetov (Nightwatch Trilogy, Wanted) who is now producing a film using similar techniques, and it looks good!

Check out the trailer for Hardcore here:

If there is anything first person shooters are great for, it’s over the top action!

Naishuller is also a gamer, and in an interview with Grantland.com he told them of the influence from Half-Life, but avoided trying to do any references specific to a game.

“It’s a love letter to music, film, and video games. I can list off the games that I’ve always loved and that had influences on it. I love Half-Life, but there’s not a nod to Half-Life, apart from the fact that it is a first-person movie, which to me is a nod enough.

“You don’t need to have the guy have a crowbar in the film. These kind of things we avoided on purpose. I remember I had a script, and one of our guys was like, ‘Why don’t you kill the first guy with a crowbar, it’ll be funny because everyone will realize that it’s a Half-Life reference.” And I’m like, ‘The whole film is aHalf-Life reference’!

“Instead, we kill him with a windshield wiper, which I thought would be much cooler.”

Naishuller said that one of the biggest concerns was with the POV view, and the issue of causing movie goers movie sickness. He recorded hours of footage as a test to see what makes him ill and how to fix that, and it’s solution might be simpler than you’d imagine.

“So I turn around, I’m watching the same thing that made me queasy the first time around, and I’m feeling fine. And this big alarm bell went off in my head, and I realized, you just don’t start it rough. Which isn’t the eureka moment that you’d expect, but for me it was. I sat down and rewrote the beginning of the film, and we really eased the audience into it. And once you do that, once your mind gets accustomed to ‘Oh, you’re POV, you’re no longer watching through the cameraman’s camera, this is what you’re seeing,’ it becomes hypnotizing and mesmerizing like nothing else.”

Check out the whole Grantland Interview, and give us your thoughts on what this movie will be like. I for one can’t wait.

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