Halo’s Arbiter coming to Killer Instinct?

arbiter killer instinctIn a new teasing video over the weekend, Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy hinted at who’s to come in the third season of Killer Instinct on Xbox One and PC. The short trailer is definitely a firefight from Halo, but there’s no Masterchief to be seen. Arbiter?

During PAX South last weekend, a new character was also announced, Kim Wu. She will join Tusk, another returning character to the franchise. Tusk first appeared in Killer Instinct 2, and with Season 3, he will also have access to a retro costume as well as his updated one, for long time fans to enjoy.

Last year, Rash of Battletoads fame was also announced, with the original trailer shown below. At the end of the trailer, Kim Wu was also teased briefly, with fans of the series knowing right away who it was. It has been said that Rash won’t be the only guest/cameo character to join in on the action. However, nothing has yet been confirmed other than this Halo tease, but could that be it? Rash certainly has the attitude and fight in him to justify his place on the roster, but with Rare and Microsoft’s game characters, who else would you want to see involved?

With Season 3 and its wealth of new features and characters to come, a few changes to the base game will have to be made. Within the patch notes, seen here, it says that some characters will also receive new rebalancing patches, and a few changes. You can read the full listing, and look forward to Season 3 in the future. No release date has been announced just yet.

[Source: Youtube]

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