Halo Xbox One Bundle and 40″ Smart TV for $500 at Best Buy

Best buy Halo Xbox One TV DealYes, you read that headline correctly! US retailer Best Buy have a new bundle available now selling the Xbox One Master Chief Collection Bundle and a 40″ Full HD Samsung Smart TV for only $500. The deal also extends to the Assassins Creed Xbox One bundle also, if that tickles your fancy more.

The deal, which if bought separately would cost you $780, saves buyers $280 (mathematical yo!).  The deal was originally announced last week, but if you are hoping for delivery that’s not going to happen as it is only available for in-store pick up.

Bust Buy have said that the deal is aimed at college students, with the retailer saying in a statement:

“It’s the perfect college student deal, as a gaming console like the Xbox One is a college essential and a 40-inch TV is a great size for a dorm room.”

The deal will be going on until Saturday, August 15th, but if you are considering getting it sooner is probably better than later while stocks still last.

This is a pretty awesome deal, though the only concern would be the response rate of the TV for gaming, as usually most Smart TV’s suck for that. Sadly, after some digging around, I have been unable to find any answer to that question, so you will just have to take it on faith that it will be good enough.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the deal? Are you interested in picking it up? Let us know in the comments!

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