Halo Wars 2 demo now available, soon for Windows 10

halo wars 2Halo Wars 2 released last month for Xbox One and Windows 10, however, Real-Time Strategy (RTS) titles aren’t for everyone. You may or may not be familiar with the genre, or the idea of commanding an army from a birds-eye view, but maybe you love the Halo universe and are willing to give it a try?

That’s where the Halo Wars 2 demo comes in. Live now on the Xbox One and coming ‘soon’ for Windows 10, the demo gives you a first look at the campaign with mission one, “The Signal,” as well as Blitz Firefight where you can test your mettle against waves of AI using a pre-built deck of cards from Captain Cutter or Atriox.

Of course, the full game features a load of missions, more multiplayer game modes and maps, and the ability to play against 5 other human opponents, but a taste is a taste. Try it, and find out for yourself if it’s a game for you.

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