Halo, Are you in there? We dive inside the Xbox One S

Chief easter eggWe’re used to searching our games for hidden Easter eggs left behind by the developers but I’ve never searched my hardware before. Perhaps its time to start looking? What will we find inside our Xbox One S consoles?



Easter eggs have been around in games for a long time,  perhaps longer than computers. Stone masons and builders used to leave their mark on their projects long before gamers started to hunt for them in the virtual world. It seems that someone at Microsoft decided to have  some fun and have someone watch over their console once its shipped. Microsofts’ Mike Ybarra tweeted a picture without giving away any further details.

It turns out that Master Chief, our hero from the Halo series, has been tucked away inside every Xbox One S console and most of us will never get to see him in the flesh….hopefully. IFIXIT spotted the Easter egg  when working on a tear down of the new Xbox One S console and their report is worth a look. If you want to know where to find the Chief he can be found on the console’s optical disc drive bracket although we’d strongly recommend not opening up your console for obvious reasons, chief among them (see what I did there?) being that you will void your warranty.

Xbox One S inside

If you missed our Xbox One S review you can find it here. I’d recommend you read it especially if you’re in the market for a 4k TV as it seems there’s more to look for than just a 4k capable TV.

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