Halo 5 Warzone Firefight preview

halo 5 warzone firefightNext Wednesday, the newest Halo 5 Guardians content release will arrive for free, bringing Warzone Firefight and a few other freebies to Spartans all over the world. Let’s dig in and see what you have to look forward to!

To summarize, you can look forward to new maps, the Warzone Firefight game mode, Campaign Score Attack, new vehicles and REQs, new enemies, a new Forge canvas, and plenty more.

Warzone Firefight is an 8-player Co-op mode where you and your Spartan squad must overcome 5 rounds of increasingly difficult objectives to rack up huge scores and emerge victorious. Each round contains an objective to accomplish and maybe even a boss, if you’re unlucky. A change that 343 Industries made since the beta was in upping the amount of time between respawns if you died. This will encourage you to try stay alive longer, and be more careful.

grunt goblin warzone firefight
The new grunt goblin, who you may encounter in Attack on Sanctum’s Warzone Firefight

343 made a few changes based on the feedback and the data acquired from the public beta and listed a few changes. Some include showing your own personal score on the bottom half, as well as displaying your team’s progress towards the current round’s objective on the top half.

“Depending on the goal, the scoreboard will look and act different in order to inform your squad as to how the round is shaping out. For instance, if the goal is to eliminate 100 Grunts, a red bar will fill from right to left as your team takes each one out.  Or if, for example, your team needs to defend the Armory, a blue bar will slowly shrink from left to right as the enemy AI captures the base,” the Halo Waypoint blog states.

The beta only allowed players to play on one map while 343 fine-tuned the Warzone Firefight mode. When it releases next Wednesday, you will have access to six maps, which include:

Escape from A.R.C.
March on Stormbreak
Raid on Apex 7
Skirmish at Darkstar
(and the all-new!) Attack on Sanctum

A new map has also been created for Warzone Assault, called Prospect.

“Based on player feedback and the community’s desire for more variety in Warzone Assault environments, with Prospect we took up the challenge of creating a new map from the ground up specifically for Warzone Assault.

The goal for Prospect was to create a closer-quarters map with a lot of height variation, similar to Skirmish at Darkstar. To help balance the combat interplay between infantry and vehicles, we gave on-foot players multiple traversal options. These asymmetrical paths create interesting advantages for attackers and defenders, as Prospect is an intense map with constant action. Based on playtest feedback, we worked hard to make sure each base was balanced and fun to fight over.”

Attack on Sanctum is another new location. “For this map, I wanted clear and wide vehicle paths with plenty of loops going around the map and optional paths and jumps to encourage vehicle stunts. For infantry, we put extra importance on covered bee-line paths so that players can quickly get around while reasonably protected.”

Molten is the name of the new Arena map, which lends itself quite well to Team Slayer and Strongholds gameplay. The map not only has unique gameplay flow, but quite a unique look and feel as well.

h5-guardians molten warzone firefightOne of the new vehicles being added is the UNSC Wasp, which looks awesome. The Wasp was designed “to create a light strike fighter vehicle that focuses on agility rather than armor or pure offensive power. This allows for Warzone deployment at an earlier stage than Banshees and Phaetons. With dual chainguns and missile pods, the Wasp is super deadly in the right hands and allows for early advantages in Warzone to the team who controls the skies.”

Halo 5 guardians warzone firefight waspHalo 5 Guardians’ Warzone Firefight DLC will be available for free next Wednesday, June 29th.

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