Halo 5 Stat Tracking App Now Available

Halo 5: Guardians' multiplayerLooking forward to playing with your buddies in Halo 5 tomorrow? What quick proof to show how much better you are than they? Well Microsoft have released an update to the Halo Channel Mobile App which features “complete stat tracking” for Halo 5.

The app shows your service record for Halo 5, much like how previous games used the website, and shows your customised Spartan character too. It also shows commendations, achievements and medals you’ve earned, as well as the Spartan Company you belong to.

HAlo 5 Stat Tracking App

Stats are tracked for both campaign and multiplayer, and works very similarly to previous iterations of the service record, displaying total kills, number of games played, win percentage, playtime, captures and more. “Carnage Reports” are also made available after each match, featuring all the stats from that game.

The update also allows you to watch Halo videos on the go using the Halo Channel App, allowing you to watch Halo: Nightfall (as awful as it is (like seriously, lore goes out the window)) and The Fall of Reach once it is out. Halo Waypoint has also been updated to track stats also.

Halo 5 launches tomorrow on Xbox One exclusively, with the app update out today for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Here’s some more shots of the application in action.

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