Halo 5 receiving another ‘microtransaction’ bundle

halo 5 arena req bundleMicrotransactions are becoming more and more predominant in mainstream retail titles, and seeing as the game launched with them already on sale, the news that Halo 5 is adding more bundles isn’t really surprising. The Arena Req Bundle will be available on February 16th for all to buy.

The Arena Req Bundle will work similarly to the Warzone Req Bundle in that it costs $25, but includes 14 separate packs. You won’t unlock each pack upon purchase. No, instead you will get two packs each week for a total of 7 weeks. “But I bought it, I should be allowed have them all now!” you say. We hear you, and you’re right. What you do get however,  is the Mark V Alpha armor set, which takes inspiration from Master Chief’s armour in the original Halo. This will come as standard for everyone who buys the Arena Req Bundle.

halo 5 arena req bundle

The contents of the the weekly packs given to you will contain a random assortment of cosmetic gear, and increased chances of receiving the rare stuff that you have probably been longing for for so long. The bundle is entirely optional, and if you choose not to buy it, you’re not missing out on too much. Then again, you probably play more Halo 5 than anything else, so you’re probably in a position where you’re considering this $25 deal. The choice is yours, and that’s the bottom line really.

According to Gamespot, “Halo 5’s microtransactions are big business. As of December 2015, they have pulled in more than $1 million. This is up from$700,000 as of November 19 and $500,000 as of November 5.”

[Source: Gamespot]

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