Halo 5 to receive a content browser soon

halo 5 content browserHalo 5 Guardians news has been rampant these past few days, with the release of the Warzone Firefight game mode, it being free to play on Xbox One until July 6th, and now confirmation of a content browser for uploaded community content. It’s truly exciting!

One of Halo’s greatest features is no doubt the Forge mode. Being able to share them and download other user created content could only make it better. With the upcoming content browser, this will make life easier for all players and creators, and allow for even better creations.

Whether it’s new game mode variations, original maps, replica maps that look like maps from other games you love, or vehicles, this could be a massive update for Halo 5. It’s exciting to see where this will take us, and allowing for user created content in a game only increases satisfaction for fans, and spurs on even more creativity amongst the community.

Good going, 343 Industries. No date has been confirmed as of yet, other than the confirmation via a tweet, which you can see below.

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