Halo 5 Guardians Playlist update and November’s Big Team Battle

Halo 5: GuardiansHalo 5 Guardians has been with us for over a week now, and with the campaign now done and dusted for many, fans are putting the multiplayer servers and playlists to the tests. 343 Industries have a new playlist for the weekend, to keep fans coming back for more. There’s also some news about what’s coming to Halo 5 this month, including Big Team Battle.

“Thanks to your community votes, Shotty Snipers is available this weekend, and it’ll be around until the early morning hours (pacific time) on Monday. Jump into the playlist to enjoy a chaotic mix of long and close range combat as well as some increased XP rewards,” writes the Halo Waypoint blog post.

It seems fans weren’t happy with the map ‘Orion’, so 343 have pulled it from all playlists while they tweak it, before adding it again in the future. “We’ve made a few additional changes based on your feedback from this past week, starting with the removal of Orion from all playlists. We’ve pulled the map from matchmaking in order to patch some exploits and make some additional improvements before re-adding it to appropriate playlists. Next, based on feedback regarding map variety and rotations, we’ve added 15 additional map / game type combinations to existing playlists. To see a full breakdown of which game types have been added and where, head over to yesterday’s blog.”

4 One Gaming Company Halo 5343 have also made some changes in the way matchmaking works, resolving an issue that some of you may have experienced. “The first of these was an update to the “One or more members of your fireteam has high latency to the dedicated server” error message. Previously, this message blocked players in error, preventing you from playing with the other player(s), and we’ve now removed this restriction. Also, we’ve been keeping an eye on feedback from international players regarding Warzone matchmaking, and found that we were a bit too aggressive in filtering players during matchmaking. After reviewing the current parameters, we’ve made adjustments that will allow Warzone matchmaking to not only allow players to find matches quicker and easier, but also allow for improved matchmaking for players across the globe, thanks to updated searching parameters that also better prioritize players in your region. Today, thanks to your reports, we were able to confirm that the changes did indeed improve matching for players across multiple regions. We need to do some additional tests to ensure that the changes don’t negatively impact any playlists, so we’ve temporarily disabled the changes, and will be re-adjusting the parameters once these changes are verified.”

In the pipeline, 343’s developers are hard at work on updates for things like Warzone Assault tuning tweaks, updating SWAT respawn time to 3 seconds and turning off SWAT friendly fire, CSR tuning tweaks, Seasons & seasonal rewards, actively monitoring and updating ban thresholds, and more.

deadlock halo 5Starting next week, the next bunch of content will release for Halo 5 Guardians, including the classic game mode, Big Team Battle in Arena matchmaking. There will also be brand new REQs, and a whole ton of juicy vehicular combat.

343 also have 4 new Big Team Battle maps coming in just over a week, to coincide with the release of the mode. These maps were designed by Warholic, The Fated Fire, The Psycho Duck, Nokyard, and Ducain23 using Forge, and are all based around classic Halo Big Team Battle maps. The maps were then passed on to 343 for further development, and you’ll be getting them for the price of FREE when they drop!

[Source: Halo Waypoint]

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