Halo 5 Guardians: Monitor’s Bounty update now live

halo 5 monitor's bountyThis week, Halo 5: Guardians has received its fifth free content update, called ‘Monitor’s Bounty’, bringing loads of new content, which 343 Industries claim is the biggest and best of the lot. There’s a lot of focus on Forge mode in this one, so let’s take a look and see what’s included.

First up, about that Forge update. 650 new objects to have been added, alongside two brand-new canvases to create on, and a robust new scripting tool to give players more control than ever before. This now brings the total number of Forge items up to 3,800+ objects.

In addition, a brand-new Custom Games Browser opens up an entirely new way to play a nearly infinite array of game types, maps, and modes.So if you like a particular type of game, or want to play on user created maps only, this is the best way to find what you’re looking for. There is also a new option to add ‘join in progress’ to your custom games, so more friends and enemies can join in if someone else drops out, keeping the player count at maximum throughout the experience.

monitor's bounty halo 5 custom games

Monitor’s Bounty also includes new updates to both Arena and Warzone, including a brand-new selection of weapons, armor, skins, and more to add to your REQ Collection. In addition, two more maps join the list of Warzone Firefight options, which are Temple and Prospect.

monitor's bounty halo 5 firefight

For a full list of the patch notes and changes, look below!

New / Updated Features:

  • “Observer Mode” is now available to everyone
  • Players can now browse and join Custom Games in progress
  • Players can now gift REQ Packs to friends on Xbox Live
  • New Character: Beam Goblin
    • Grunts have retrofitted the most deadly Covenant weaponry onto a new variant of their Grunt Goblin mech chassis, with a Scarab Beam replacing the needler, Wraith mortar rounds for grenades and homing plasma balls replacing the needle barrage

Tweaks and Changes:

  • Improved melee strike registration reliability (“ghost melee“)
  • Fixed an issue with controller input delay (“heavy reticle“)
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons could be fired more quickly than intended
  • Fixed an issue blocking players from viewing more than 12 bookmarks
  • Fixed some damage transfer issues with the Scorpion treads
  • Fixed an issue where enemies off screen would sometimes have their tag prioritized over enemies on screen
  • Fixed an issue with the H2 Beam Rifle sniper glint
  • Fixed an issue where AOE damage was not being applied to players boarding heavy vehicles
  • Lowered the AOE damage of the Hannibal Scorpion
  • Updated Wasp audio for near-destroyed state
  • Changed the physics impulse associated with the Gravity Hammer
  • Fixed an issue with the Scattershot damage when hitting enemies in specific situations
  • Fixed a bug causing variable player and player vehicle health on Sanctum
  • Mantis Boss:
    • Changed shields to recharge much more slowly
  • Grunt Goblin:
    • Improved readability of damage states, crossing damage thresholds and general damage feedback
    • Improved death sequence
    • Reduced maximum range on needle barrage attack
    • Improved visual variation between Grunt Goblin variants (including the new Beam Goblins)
    • Increased combat vocalization options, making for much more varied voiceover
  • Warden Eternal:
    • Significantly reduced black hole attack maximum range (makes it more possible to outrun/dodge it)
  • Knight:
    • Fixed a bug allowing a headshot shooting through the Knight carapace from the back
    • Fixed a bug that would allow the back armor to remain after destroying both weak spots
  • Grunt:
    • Reduced shielded Grunt variant’s shield strength
  • Elite/Soldier:
    • Fixed several bugs where an enemy could board a player vehicle, eject the player then break while trying to drive it around
  • Server-side improvements made to matchmaking


New / Updated Features:

  • Announcers can now be customized in Warzone, Firefight, and Arena
  • New Weapon Skins
  • New Stances and Assassinations
  • New scope: Morph Scope
  • New Weapons: Safeguard Sentinel Beam, Grenade Launcher, Pro Pipe
  • New Vehicles: Anti-Air Wraith, Oni Wasp, Hannibal Wasp


New/Updated Features:

  • Minigames added to Game Variants
  • Super Fiesta updated with latest REQ weapons

Tweaks and Changes:

  • Removed small invisible cubes from Mercy


Tweaks and Changes:

  • Adjusted all Warzone enemy health for desired durability in Heroic and Legendary Warzone Firefight
  • Changed the difficulty to AI from Legendary down to Heroic
  • Made Navpoints on Friendly Players visible at all times
  • Made improvements to spawning
  • If a base is in process of being captured, the defending team can never spawn in that base, instead they are spawned near it. This allows for larger bases to more easily change sides.
  • Went through spawns connected to all bases on all maps and adjusted to make spawning at bases a better experience.
  • Removed all Legendary Grunt Mechs. Too strong for Warzone.
  • Fixed various String and Audio Response Bugs
  • Fixed bug where Watchers on Sanctum would sometimes fly out of environment.
  • Removed some tougher minions from Mythic bosses
  • Fixed a Phantom that dropped some minions to their death.
  • Apex 7
    • Tank Master Rok has returned to the battlefield.
    • New Soldier boss added.
  • Noctus
    • Removed Hydra from Soldier Minion behind Garages
    • Removed bosses from Monument, but they are still close by.
    • Nerfed Mantis bosses
  • ARC
    • Switched Grunt Jockey and Warden


New/Updated Features:

  • New Firefight Map added – Prospect
  • New Firefight Map added – Temple
  • Added Heroic Version of Warzone Firefight
  • Added Mythic Version of Warzone Firefight
  • Added support for Mythic Warzone Firefight Game Variant and Weekend Hopper

Tweaks and Changes:

  • Renamed Warzone Firefight Hopper to Legendary Warzone Firefight
  • Increased vitality of Protect Core objects in round 3 on Urban
  • Adjusted Warden spawn locations in round 5 objective on March on Stormbreak
  • Adjusted Warden spawn locations in round 5 objective on Urban
  • Adjusted various enemy compositions for objectives across all maps
  • Mitigated issue where boss would escape the Mantis during boss encounter on Skirmish at Darkstar


New/Updated Features:

New Forge Canvases

  • Barrens – The most commonly requested Forge canvas has arrived! A large, open, pretty much flat desert canvas for building on that includes three different lighting themes.
  • Depths – Another open/flat canvas… under water! No longer break out of Fathom to build your underwater Spartan fantasies; build them in Depths! Apparently Spartans aren’t allergic to the water in depths for some reason.

Massive Scripting Update!

  • Action Target” – This powerful new system lets actions modify up to 64 other objects at once!!! (whaaaaat, super powerful)
    • Actions can be performed on other objects and even players
    • Lots of different filters to action on exactly the object you want; team, spawn order, object variable, boundary contents, and more
    • Even select one or more nearest, furthest, or random objects in the list
    • Action Targets are available in most original and new script actions
    • Defaults to “THIS” object for backwards compatibility with existing actions
  • Multiple Actions – Scripts can now have 4 actions per condition
  • Script Options – For each script there are options that change their behavior
    • Condition Interrupt – If the Condition re-evaluates as True while the scripts actions are running it interrupt them and restart the sequence
    • Round Interrupt – Changes if the round end interrupts/cancels the script sequence
    • Always Runs – Allows you to enable/disable a script if the object is despawned
  • Script Disabling – Ability to disable scripting at 3 different levels.
    • Map Level – Disable scripts for the entire map
    • Object Level – Disable scripts on an individual object
    • Script Level – Disable an individual script on an object
  • Enhanced Scripts – Enhancements to previously existing script actions
    • Spawn
      • Force: On/Off – On makes the object spawn even if someone/thing is occupying its current position
    • Position/Rotation: Reset
      • Position: On/Off – Turn on/off the position of the OBJECT(s) being reset
    • Animation: Play
      • Position: 0.0 – 1.0 – Some animated objects (such as Forge variants of the Pistons) can now be told to animate to
    • Move: Offset
      • TARGETS – Set a different target for the object to move off of, lets you move one object to another
  • New Conditions
    • Number: Check – Like the Power Channels but numbers. Tests Global (26 channels), Team (26 channels per team), Players (26 channels per player), and Object (1 per Object)
    • Score: Check – Trigger events off of score changes
    • Round: Time – Trigger events at specific times in the round
    • Boundary: Check – (Finally!) Check when players or objects enter, exit, or remain inside of the boundary on an object
  • New Actions – Tools for manipulating objects, scoring, and more.
    • Number: Change – Partners with the Number: Check condition. Allows for the modification (set, increment, decrement, multiply, divide, remainder) of Global, Team, Player, and Object number variables. Even randomize them easily.
    • Trait: Apply – Applies one of the traits specified in the Minigame custom game options to any player
    • Traits: Clear – Clears all traits from specified players
    • Wait – With multiple actions sometimes you want to wait before you trigger the next action or use this to build really specific custom timers
    • Score: Change – Modify the score of players and/or teams. Also can be used as a helpful debug tool sometimes in Forge to know the value of a Number variable
    • Round: End – Ends the round. Yep, that’s about it.
    • Screen Effects: Set – Set the screen Filter and/or FX for players. Option to switch back to the level default or ignore changing one of the FX. Use this to turn off FX when going inside of buildings or just change them for effect.
    • Switch: Interactive – Enable/disable the interactivity of a switch
    • Sound: Play – Plays a sound for all or specific Player
    • Physics: Set – Change the physics of objects!
    • Nav Marker: Change – Add or remove Nav Markers on for specific players on specific objects. Options to change the noun/verb text, color, and display distance.
    • Spawn Order: Change – Change the spawn order on an object or player. Changing on players will make them only use spawn points with the same spawn order. For objects you can use this as another piece of filtering criteria in scripts.
    • Label: Change – Add or remove labels on objects/players at run time. Another great tool for identifying/filtering things at runtime based on gameplay events.
  • New Screen Filters – Useful filters for enhancing the visual theme of your levels
    • Heat Distortion, Under Water, and Infected Flood
  • New Screen FX – New screen effect
    • Bubbles – who doesn’t need bubbles!
  • File Recovery – The Recovery feature from Halo 5 Forge PC has been brought into the Xbox One
    • Creates an auto-save of your map when disconnected from the server (crashed or exited quickly otherwise).
    • When starting a Forge session you will be presented with an option to work on the version they saved previously or pickup with the auto-saved server version.
  • Machinima Mode – Enabled Machinima Mode when in Forge. Great for taking screenshots of your level or prefabs without having to use a camera or go into theater mode.
  • New Material Overlays
    • Shellac – Make your object look like it’s covered in thick plastic resin
    • Emissive – Make your objects glow in the dark (w/ adjustable brightness)
    • Blend Control – Change settings to control how light or heavy the grime and/or frost looks on an object
  • {RESET MAP STATE} Map Option – Restores objects states, clears, variables, etc.
  • Custom Games – Some enhancements to the custom game settings
    • Spawn in Vehicle – Custom game settings now include the option to spawn into vehicles
    • All Weapons in Loadouts – All the weapons in Forge can now be equipped as primary and secondary weapons in Custom Games
    • Max Players – Set the max players for your lobby
    • Allow Observers – Allow/disallow people to watch your session
    • Privacy – Make your session private or public for others to join
    • Minigame – A simple mode for building your own custom game modes in.
      • Four trait slot options can be setup and triggered with the Forge scripting
      • Options to enable/disable objects minigame:object labeled objects in Forge
      • NOTE: In this mode when playing a Team based game, player scores do not contribute to the team score. This is intentional to allow for a wider variety of custom gameplay experiences. Through scripting it is possible to convert player score into team score though.

Tweaks and Changes:

  • Van prop got more baller and supports 3 colors!
  • Disabled tertiary from fo_accent_heavy_support_12x21x9_a.crate since it’s not supposed to have it
  • Lighting on the “Beacon” light fixture was pointing to the side, not down. Fixed
  • Added change colors to some of the objects that are hidden at play time to help with level organization
    • Invisible Grav Lift, Teleporters, Sounds, light, and wall/block/projectile invisible blockers
  • Things like sounds, fx, decals, blockers, etc. can now be set to normal physics so that they work with vehicle welding (amongst other fun uses)
  • Fixed script timer issue
  • Fixed to translate actions in certain physics modes
  • Fix/improvements to boundaries on objects
  • Fixed a problem where objects would be deleted from the map if they didn’t have respawn settings
  • Team blockers now work vs. infected!
  • A number of reset action fixes
  • Improvements to placement code, should prevent trying to place objects in the air
  • Added option to force spawn to prevent objects not spawning when things are nearby
  • Reworked the reset action to be more clear with resetting velocity or not
  • Made sound emitter 50% smaller to make it easier to hide for welding to vehicles, etc.
  • Changed materials on Script Brains to make them a little easier to see their colors
  • Breakout pillars had secondary color enabled on them for color change
  • Removed FX from invisible 2 way teleporter which was eating budget
  • Many of the script properties have more steps of precision allowing for better tuning
  • Added more reference colors; User 4-9 and Objective: Primary & Secondary
  • Added new label types:
    • User labels for helping you mark and manipulate objects through script
    • Minigame: include/exclude to allow/deny objects for mini-game mode
    • Five minigame: object labels
    • Forge: Include lets the object only be available in Forge; great for debug terminals and tools you only want when Forging

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