Halo 5: Guardians goes gold

Halo 5: GuardiansArguably one of the biggest and most important releases for the Xbox One so far, Halo 5: Guardians, has gone gold meaning it has gone into mass production ready for the market. However if the new generation has taught us anything, it’s that going gold, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ready to go onto our screens, what with day one patches and what have you.

Halo is going to be absolutely no exception to this rule and will receive a day one patch which supports the multiplayer section of the game. Those who have pre-ordered the game via the Xbox Live store will receive this Halo 5: Guardianspatch shortly before the game launches, so long as their console has the “instant on” setting enabled, meaning that it’ll be ready as soon as the game goes live, for those of us who have gone for the more conventional disk option however, will have to download as soon as the disc has installed. Annoying but with any luck it’ll be worth the short wait.

The announcement of Halo going gold wasn’t the only news 343 Industries had for us however, as along with the news they have also published a very insightful infographic (right) highlighting some of the games key facts and figures. Some more interesting than others:

The multiplayer figures have been known by us for some time and come as no surprise, it’s the figures speculating around the games campaign that has caught us by surprise.

The infographic also boasts figures surrounding the games Campaign, 15 missions which will take fans an estimated 8-12 hours worth of gameplay to complete when played on “Normal”, difficulty which ranks as second of the 4 difficulty levels. It’s rare that developers are so forth coming when it comes to the length of their Campaigns, and while 8 – 12 hours might not seem a lot, remember that normal is pretty easy when it comes to Halo, enemy forces will have to seriously overwhelm you to stop you in your tracks. It’s likely that the figure will dramatically increase as you go through the various difficulty levels.

Xbox One exclusive Halo 5: Guardians launches on October 27th of this year alongside the Xbox One Elite Controller, for now however we’re just going to leave this infographic here so you can see what is going to be included in the game. Enjoy!


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