Halo 5 Guardians free to play this week

The Cartographer's GiftSpartans, gear up! If you have yet to pick up Halo 5 Guardians on Xbox One, here’s something to help butter you up a little. From today until July 5th, Halo 5 is free to download and play in its entirety!

Yes, you can enjoy the four player co-op campaign with friends, or play through it alone. Hop into Warzone and Arena matches to check out the multiplayer, or try out today’s latest update, which adds Warzone Firefight!

Be warned however, that the Halo 5 Guardians install requires a massive 81gb, so start the download as soon as you can, and leave your console running overnight if you have to! It’s a fantastic offer from 343 Industries and Xbox, and one worth taking advantage of if you haven’t played the game yet.

All you have to do is head over to the game’s page on the store and download it, if the offer has gone live at the time of writing. If not, check back in an hour again. An Xbox Live Gold membership will be required to take advantage of the offer, but I’m sure you have one already.

If you end up really enjoying it, you can pick it up on sale for 50% off too!

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