Halo 5 Guardians February update teased

halo 5 hammer storm343 Industries have teased a few details about February’s Halo 5 Guardians update. Title Hammer Storm, the update will include previously teased game mode Grifball, an Assault game mode, new weapons, a brand new map, tons of new REQs and more surprises that we’ll hear about soon.Players will soon be able to create their own game types using custom game options, giving you the ability to concoct your own Oddball and Ricochet events if desired. Another returning addition will be Fiesta Slayer. While full details are still to come, there has been a tease regarding the new map which has been called Torque. Concept art of the new Arena map can be seen below.

halo 5 torqueChanges to how you modify the armour of your spartan is also coming this month, with more control over how you colour your pieces being offered. Following some fan feedback, 343 looked at the biggest complaints (below) and addressed these issues for the upcoming update.

  • Players couldn’t make their armor color similar to the Master Chief or other major character
  • There was no brown, orange, purple, or black
  • There were not enough greens, and too many blues and pinks
  • Emblem “harmonies” (pre-set combinations) restricted player choice

So, then team has made the following changes in the February update.

Changes in February Update:

  • Expanded the color palette for armor and emblems from 32 to 60 colors
  • Replaced the emblem harmonies with simple, primary, secondary and tertiary color options (see below)
  • These new options have no restrictions – you can make any 2 of them the same color and get a completely different looking emblem shape
  • These new colors carry over to Waypoint as well

halo 5 hammer storm

343 will be hosting a Halo 5 livestream on the 26th of February, where more will be revealed. When the content drops, we don’t know for certain, but it’s an exciting looking update and one that will certainly build on the fantastic multiplayer experience of the game.

[Source: Halo Waypoint]

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