Guitar Hero Live receives online Rivals mode

james franco guitar hero liveGuitar Hero Live has been receiving a steady stream of updates since its release, and this week, it welcomed a new mode in the form of Rivals, which is playable via the Guitar Hero TV portion of the game.

Rival Challenges are unlocked once you reach level 10. The developer stated that this was implemented for beginners, because once you reach level 10, you have access to Guitar Upgrades and Hero Powers to make it fair for everyone.

guitar hero live gameplayRivals won’t be selectable either. It will crop up every now and again, and square you off against another human opponent. Creative director Jamie Jackson explains, “As you play through the channels, you will periodically be matched up against a similar-skilled opponent to square off, 1-on-1 style, in a song battle to test your skills”. The song is chosen by the game and the victor walks away with an extra +100 Status XP. Happy days!

He also noted that some festive surprises are in store for the holidays, citing “Keep an eye out for some awesome playable Christmas favourites coming your way.”

[Source: Digital Trends]

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