Guild Wars 2 gets its own esports league

Guild Wars 2 is getting a competitive leagueCompetitive gaming is all the rage these days, with events like The International, EVO or the ESL tournaments providing venues for the best of the best to play to win, and if they win, there’s thousands, maybe millions, waiting for them at the prize pool.

Guild Wars 2 is not going to be an exception, as has just announced a partnership with ESL Gaming (Who you may know for their CS:GO tournaments) in order to bring a competitive league to their MMORPG game.

Officially called the ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League, League play begins in November with Open-Qualifiers, and ends with a Seasons Final LAN event to be held at ESL Studios. With a second season starting later after that. A total of 400,000 dollars is divided between the two seasons (With some basic math, that’s $200,000 per season).

Sounds good doesn’t it? If you think you have the skills and time to make it far, you can view all the details in the source below.


[source: ESL Gaming]

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