The Guardians update docks on Elite Dangerous

elite dangerous the guardiansElite Dangerous is getting reinforced today with a further big content update called ‘The Guardians’. The update has been in beta for some time now, and today releases to the public. Alongside the release of the content, here is a new trailer to get you pumped, and encourage you to hop back into your ship if you’ve been spending time elsewhere on a planet.

The Guardians update will allow you to recruit NPC crew members for your ships, especially helpful for flying your fighter ships that release from your battleship. New ships will also be added to the game including the F-63 Condor, Imperial Fighter, and the Taipan, giving you a wider selection of options, and then there’s the new transport ships. You will soon be able to begin a career in being a space-age airliner if you wish, picking up passengers in one location, and taking them across the galaxy to their dream destination.

Elite Dangerous’ tutorial is also being updated, with the addition of a narrator to explain things to you. I recall the tutorials being rather dull and still left me asking questions, and with a game as big as this, it’s a bit of a negative. Hopefully this new update makes it easier for new pilots to get to grips with space flight and exploration.

The end of the trailer also hints at some mysterious additions. Alien? The arrival of the Thargoids? Who knows? It’s exciting, and with the update adding so much more content to enjoy and explore, we’ll be hopping back into this very soon.

Elite Dangerous will experience a downtime of roughly 8 hours while the update is applied across all game servers. You can take part in a live AMA on Reddit here, and speak to David Braben himself if you really want to.

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