GTA V – You Looking for the Lowrider Meet?

gta online lowrider“They  just over there! You blind?”
Ah yes, the memories of San Andreas. Rolling around in lowriders painted in gang colours, tagging up turf and performing drive-bys. Something that has been missing in GTA V…Until now!
GTA V was never intended to be a sequel to SA, but nonetheless nostalgia has its ways of making us think everything was better back then and that we wished things would be the same.
With the recently released Lowrider Update for GTA Online, we can now enjoy some of these elements once again and oh man, this is one HELL of an update!

This update for GTA V is exactly what people have been waiting for and myself I have to say, it hasn’t disappointed.
The previous two, Ill-gotten Gains Part 1 and 2, whereas they added a lot of things to buy it was more of what we already had. The two supercars were nice and the T20 being based upon the McLaren P1 finally gave me a supercar I could actually enjoy, being a fan of the car and all. They even accurately included the mechanical rear wing, although you cannot manually use the DRS .
But beside that, I found myself with cliche clothes and bling that just do not suit my character’s personality. Not that Lowriders or gangs do either, but there is an element to this that does and that is the area of which I’m most pleased with.
So, with this introduction complete, what exactly did the update add and why is it so good?
I’m glad you asked. However, as there is SOOOO much content, within this article I am going to cover the custom aspect and go over the other features at a later date.

Benny’s Original Motor Works:

A bespoke custom shop in GTA V where you can take one of the 6 cars that meet the criteria needed to become a Lowrider. Unfortunately not just any car can become a lowrider and some of the San Andreas favourites are not included in GTA V…yet!
The 6 you can convert are listed in Benny’s Auto’s shop website in game to make things easier and you’ll also get a notification if you enter such a vehicle.
The vehicles you can custom are the Buccaneer, Chino, Faction, Moonbeam, Primo and Voodoo . All of which can be either stolen as a street car or purchased through Benny’s.
Notice before I said “base model”.  In order to even BEGIN work on a Lowrider you must first purchase the “Customise” item. This is where things get a bit pricy. It costs about $300,000 to even begin making your lowrider.
A fully decked model can cost well over $1M GTA dollars!

Once you have chosen to make it a lowrider, it becomes all nice, shiny and slammed to the ground. The Voodoo finally becomes rust free! Even if it does cost over a quarter of a million to do so.
This is where this update for GTA V comes into it’s own right, for the level of customisation is far beyond what I thought it would be. It took me 15 minutes to choose a steering wheel to begin with!
There’s a vast choice of custom liveries, respray options and interior design including trim, dash ornament (a cool bobblehead that works with the game’s physics), column shifter, dial designs, light colour for dials / speaker neons, I.C.E. and many, MANY others depending on the model chosen.
Whereas I feared it would be a sea of the same cars attending shows, the level of custom is so high it’s hard to make two cars the same.

This is where this update has been the best for me as I’ve managed to create a very nice dark and metal looking muscle car lowrider. No leopard print and pink dice for me with dollar signs everywhere. I went with urban camo, skulls and dark colours / lines. I’m happy that the options here were in a lot more depth than simply “select this or this only” and allow for personality and taste to be included in the build.
Below I have uploaded some screenshots of my prized ride so you can see exactly what you can do.

GTA V Lowrider
Buccaneer Custom front view.






Bucc Lowrider
Buccaneer custom side view, door open.






GTA V Lowrider
Buccaneer Custom interior.






Nice ride, no?
Of course, these are lowriders and as such you are wondering; “but does it bounce, bro?”
Stock, the car will barely raise off of the road. However, you can install bigger hydraulic systems depending on your goals and budget. The biggest system costs around $55,000 and will have your car bouncing way up, gazing at the sky.

The control system is a lot better in GTA V than in San Andreas, as you have to hold the sprint button and use the left stick to bounce in whatever direction you wish. The physics are a bit more realistic than in San Andreas, so it takes a few bounces to get some height.
Unfortunately the lowrider battles are not with us yet, but maybe in the future they will be added. Within the next GTA V update or the next, who knows?

All of this comes at a price. Nothing is cheap in GTA V’s area of Los Santos. Engine block, hydraulics and trunk speaker systems cost about $50,000 a pop.
This is where the update gets a slight negative mark from me. It’s not very beginner friendly and those starting will feel left out with their only option being to use real world money and purchase a Shark Card or two.
I know how to make clean GTA money efficiently, however it would take me some hours to have enough to deck a lowrider even touching level 200.
An inexperienced level 1 stands no chance, as other things must come first.

These cars are also for show, not go. The Buccaneer can shift once tuned up, but it lacks traction to go round any corner fast. The others are just far too sluggish.
This shift from performance in GTA V is welcome with the addition of many powerful super, muscle and sports / sports classic cars of late. It’s nice to see some encouragement of car shows.
The Interactive Menu has been updated to allow you to remotely open your doors, hood (bonnet) and trunk (boot) as well as turn the engine, headlights and radio on / off as well as control which station it plays.
So no more tomfoolery workarounds to get the engine to stay on once you leave. An option oddly not in  GTA V, even though GTA IV would allow you depending on how long you pressed the exit car button.
This feature alone will make future car shows so much better.

An event weekend was also added with this, although it is now coming to a close.
You can get a 25% rebate on 10-car garage property purchases and there is even a Snapmatic competition to win $1M GTA dollars.
Further details of this are listed on the Rockstar Newswire. There is still time to join in, so what are you waiting for?

GTA V may not be the easiest game to get into online and my view on it is that it is not very beginning friendly at all. But grab a friend or two, go through the OODLES of content GTA V has to offer online and most of all, remember to have fun.
Quickly trying to gain all the GTA dollars you could ever want is a surefire way of burning out and hating this awesome game.
So go out there, do some TDM, Last Team Standing or maybe dabble in the content creator?
Whatever it is, make sure you have fun. After all, that is why we game.

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