GTA V Redux mod now available on PC

gta v reduxGrand Theft Auto V fans on PC are in for a treat, with the release of the long time in development GTA V ‘Redux’ mod. Prepare to experience Los Santos like never before, and make sure your hardware is up to spec because this one will put your rig to the test.

[Update] We were informed via Twitter that a lot of the files found in the GTA V Redux mod were actually stolen from VisualV’s GTA V mod. Evidence can be found here.

[Original Story]

Josh Romito has been working on the mod for over a year, and unfortunately had to start again from scratch, when he learned that those working on it with him were in fact using mods from other people, without permission. So, what we have here is the completely revamped GTA V Redux mod, and it is glorious!

The Redux mod upgrades every single texture in the game to a 4K texture. It covers the roads, the grass, bushes, fire, explosions, dust particles, water and even damage models. The mod also replaces all blurred environmental effects with more crisp skylines. The lighting model also received a make over, offering better shadows, and street lights also offer better lighting at night, giving a more realistic feel.

GTA’s often tongue-in-cheek brands and advertising boards have been replaced by real life brands such as Coca-Cola, Taco Bell and more. The wanted levels have also been updated, making the police more dangerous and responsive, and a 5 star wanted level now brings in the military.

The video below is worth watching, even for the narrator’s voice, but more details are shared, and it just looks phenomenal! You can download the mod here.

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