GTA V comes under fire in Australia again, hilariously

gta lcpdfr nswBeing the resident 4-One GTA Online addict and super fan, I couldn’t help but laugh in bed this morning at this piece posted by Kotaku. Video games have forever been at the forefront of blame when it comes to real life acts of violence, and the Grand Theft Auto series generally finds itself in the top spot, alongside Doom, Call of Duty and anything else which features a gun.

This latest story comes from Australia via 7 News Sydney, a not so high ranking news outlet down under. They have began attacking Grand Theft Auto V and its mod community due to the fact that modders have added the New South Wales police force into the game, from officer uniforms, squad cars and even their helicopters. The fire department has also been replicated respectably, but it’s the violence that takes center state.

The footage itself it taken from the GTA V mod LSPDFR which in itself is pretty cool. It lets you play GTA as the good guys, chasing down racers and criminals, issuing tickets and locking them away. How is that bad?!

As Kotaku reported, the story got even better, or cringier, depending on how you took it. I can’t even….

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