GTA Redux Project is the revamped Pinnacle of V

gta reduxLast December, a GTA V modding site by the name of The Pinnacle of V shut down, as it was found that some of the included mods were in fact stolen from other creators. Pinnacle of V’s creator Josh Romito didn’t enjoy this fact, and feeling guilty, closed down the modding project in December of 2015. Now is is making a return, with GTA Redux.

Pinnacle of V is no longer a thing, but starting between March and April, a new modding platform will come to life, and Josh has received nearly 1,000 requests by fans, of mods they would like to see in-game. On his new website, called GTA5Redux, he lists what kind of requests he has received, and what he’s working on.

Some of the larger and more time consuming requests consist of the following (just so you all have an idea of how much work I have to do!) : Full re-branding of every billboard and advertisement in Los Santos (200+hrs), full re-branding of every vehicle (not full model replacement (100+hours), real LA graffiti textures (100+hours), total physics overhaul (from cars, to weapons, to ragdoll, to flags and cloth, down to water, and foliage (150+hrs), full dispatch and police wanted level overhaul (100+hrs), vehicle model replacement packs (50+hrs), larger texture overhaul than PoV (covering MOST roads, beaches, grass, rocks, plants, and many ground areas in the country side and city (200+hrs), and much much more.”

gta redux pinnacle of v

Josh has a lot of work on his plate with his new GTA Redux mod, and with his new endeavor, he’s working on it alone. That’s dedication!

“In order to bring every idea to life, it will take a significant amount of work and time, considering I am working 100% alone on such a vast project. I do not want to release and unfinished, work in progress mod, that will require updates every week. I will be taking my time, and ironing out all the bugs, and making sure to complete every request before release. In the meantime, make sure to share this page and build the hype!  REDUX IS COMING! ”

A preview trailer is soon to go up, although Josh had it dated for February and that might stretch into March, but visit his photo gallery to see what kind of graphical overhaul is taking place.

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