GTA Online Weekly Events, Aug 19th-25th

gta online cunning stunts bonusesHop on over to Los Santos in GTA Online this weekend to check out three brand new Entourage maps, and while doing so, take advantage of some double GTA$ payouts, limited-time unlocks and of course, some handy discounts on weapons, super cars and more.

Up until Thursday, August 25th, there’s Double GTA$ and RP on the Entourage Playlist, featuring new maps set in El Burro Heights, Paleto Bay and Pillbox Hill. All Entourage maps however are offering double money. Entourage can be good fun with a group of friends, with one team trying to get their well armed and armoured leader from one point in the city to the other, with only one life. The bodyguards have three lives each, and are also well armed. The attacking side have unlimited lives, but less weapons to make use of.

The Double GTA$ and RP payouts don’t end with Entourage, they extend to all Rockstar-Created Stunt Races as well. If you’re looking to add a bit of madcap mileage to the week’s mix, take on some Cunning Stunts while raking in some well-earned extra GTA$ and rep.

gta online double

If you’re in the market for some fresh wheels, there’s a cool 25% off the Grotti X80 Proto, Dewbauchee Seven-70, Progen Tyrus and Vapid Desert Raid. For those wanting some accompanying armor on their drive, check out the HVY Insurgents at 50% off (with the Heist completion prerequisite temporarily waived). Stock up and make the most from 50% off Sniper Rifles, Miniguns, Launchers, and Ammo.

With rumours of Biker gang DLC coming to GTA Online, you may want to stock up on money just in case there are some awesome surprises.

[Source: Rockstar]

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