GTA Online: Warehouses and Executive office discounts

gta online warehousesLooking at starting up your own business in GTA Online this weekend? Well you’re in luck, as there are discounts on a wealth of VIP features such as executive offices, warehouses, cargo delivery upgrades and more.  Discounts are available between September 30th and October 3rd.

Corporate startup costs can be a burden, so get a leg up this weekend with:

  • 50% off Executive Offices – visit Dynasty 8 Executive Realty today
  • 50% off any Warehouse – secure storage for your illicit dealings
  • 25% off all Office Décor Customization to tailor your new HQ to your specifications
  • 25% off Special Cargo Crates – start buying up product for your stash houses
  • 25% off Warehouse Workbench Vehicle Upgrades – applies to the Brickade, Cuban 800, and the Tug

This weekend, take advantage of a range of discounts on everything from executive air travel to deals on two-wheeled beasts in preparation for the upcoming release of GTA Online: Bikers.

  • 50% off the Benefactor Turreted Limo from Warstock Cache & Carry
  • 25% off all Buckingham Swift and Luxor models at Elitás Travel
  • 25% off the Annis RE-7B, Emperor ETR1 and Progen Tyrus at Legendary Motorsport
  • 25% off ALL Motorcycles

If you’re in need of a special vehicle delivery, or you have to lean on Mr. Crest and/or the fine folks at Merryweather to get yourself out of a jam, you’ll get half off the usual fees this weekend.

  • 50% off special vehicle delivery from Pegasus
  • 50% off Lester services
  • 50% off Merryweather services

Grow your rep this weekend with Double RP in all VIP/CEO Work and Challenges, in Online Heists, and whenever you’re in VIP/CEO Proximity.

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