GTA Online Versus Missions Week

GTA Online Versus Missions WeekRockstar have announce a new event that kicks off from today on GTA Online until March 10th. As part of Versus Missions Week, all of versus missions are awarding double GTA$ and RP to players, win or lose. Whether you’re into crowd favorites such as Top Fun and Weed Killer, there’s money to be made and fun ways of doing it competitively.

The missions include the likes of Acquire Targets, Air Force Zero,  Airport ParkingCrooked Cop | G-Rating (Cold), G-Rating (Hot) Hippy HuntingInto The WildRoadgameTop Fun, Truck OffWeed Killer, and Welcoming Party.

Not only that, to ready yourself for the double GTA$ & RP Versus Missions as well as flying and fighting the not-so-friendly skies, enjoy a wide array of pertinent discounts:

  • 50% off Flight Suits & Flight Caps
  • 25% off all Combat Helicopters
  • 25% off all Private Jets
  • 25% off all Automatic Rifles
  • 30% off Homing Missile Launchers & Ammo

gta online versus mission week

Rockstar have been really pushing the double RP and payouts over the past few weeks on GTA Online. Let’s hope it builds up to something interesting. All this money we’re making, and not much content out there since the Executives add-on which allowed for the purchase of super yachts. Fans definitely crave more, if the comments section of the Rockstar Newswire is anything to go by.

[Source: Rockstar Newswire]

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