GTA Online update, Ill-Gotten Gains 2 available

Ill - Gotten Gains 2Rockstar have officially deployed part 2 of the Ill-Gotten Gains update to all platforms bringing further content for you to spend your money on, in GTA Online. All in all, it’s a good job Rockstar introduced heist missions to the online community, because the new stuff isn’t cheap, but then, isn’t that what you asked for?

Collectively, the new vehicles will cost you well over $8,000,000 of your criminal proceeds, the update consists of 6 new land based vehicles, a new boat, some expensive new clothes and a new knuckle duster that has a variety of expensive customization options. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the prices: Hover over images to view prices.

There’s also a new radio station called The Lab for you to enjoy, which debuted with the PC version of GTA 5. If creating missions is what you love, you can now create Jobs inside Los Santos International Airport and Fort Zancudo. A good selection of new content for the GTA Online community though Rockstar might want to consider introducing some new Heists in order to avoid players repetitively grinding the same missions to earn cash. For now however we’ll have to make do with what we have. So 4-One Gaming community, is the Ill-Gotten Gains part 2 content enough to keep you playing GTA Online? Let us know below!

[Source(s): VG 24/7, Rockstar Games]

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