GTA Online players have spent $500 million on Shark Cards

gta online hunting packWhether you play GTA Online for fun or for competitive gameplay amongst crews of other players, it’s not hard to notice the high prices for new vehicles and homes, or the radio station adverts promoting the Shark Cards. You can enjoy GTA Online without spending a single cent or penny, but that doesn’t mean that people haven’t spent a fortune on it already.

According to a statement made during the recent lawsuit regarding former Rockstar employee and head Leslie Benzies, Rockstar Games have have a profit of $500 million on microtransactions alone. That doesn’t include the base game. That is on virtual credit cards in-game.

Whether it’s flashy cars, helicopter gunships and private jets, super yachts or luxury mansions, GTA Online gives players a wealth of options on how to spend money earned via taking part in heists, races or contract missions. It’s quicker to buy a Shark Card with real money, but you can have a good time making money the old fashioned way with the use of community created and shared jobs.

gta online yacht

Leslie Benzies took sabbatical leave in September of 2014 for a supposed seven months, although it ended up being just short of 18 months. Rockstar put out a statement saying he was departing the company, but there was another truth behind that, supposedly.


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