GTA Online Import/Export car list leaked?

gta online import export ffRockstar Games surprised us all last week with the announcement of yet another big update for GTA Online, and not only that, it’s coming before the year ends! The Import/Export update will reportedly add another 20-25 cars to the list, as well as new types of missions and modes!

However, someone claims to have found a leak of all incoming cars, and the community is totally excited! We’ve been teased with something that looks like it came right out of Fast & Furious 6, which looks like a hell of a lot of fun, but check out this batch below!

– An amphibious Blazer
– A new Boxville
– A new Comet
– Another new Comet, maybe a custom version
– Diabolus
– A custom version of the Diabolus
– A new Dune
– Another new Dune, maybe a custom version
– A new Elegy
– Another New Elegy, maybe a custom version
– A custom version of the FCR
– A car which is codenamed “Italigtb”
– The custom version of the “Italigtb”
– Nero
– A custom version of the Nero
– Penetrator
– A new Phantom
– Ramp Truck (Buggy Ramp)
– Rocket Voltic
– Ruiner 2000
– Specter
– A custom version of the Specter
– An amphibious Technical
– Tempesta
– Wastelander

There is also mention of a new Adversary mode, which wouldn’t be out of the question at all, judging by previous updates. This will be called “Turf Wars” but no further details have been unraveled. We should hope for a trailer this coming Thursday, and hopefully have a release of the content in the following week. Import/Export is definitely coming to GTA Online, that much is true. The rest, we will have to wait and see.

[Source: GTAForums]

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