GTA Online to go GTA Offline on Wednesday for maintenance

gta online relayIt’s not often that GTA Online gets taken offline, counteracting its name, but it must be serious. Rockstar Games have announced that in the early hours of Wednesday morning, GTA Online will be taken offline for a bit of maintenance.

It’s unknown what maintenance will be taking place, whether it will undo some cheaters’ progress, or if it will help stabilize the game more so than it already is (wishful thinking here), but as I said, it’s not often that Rockstar do this, so let’s hope it’s a form of upgrade.

It’s also known that Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive have some big plans in store for E3 this year in June, so could this be related to what’s to come, and will some of our PC community uncover stuff in files post maintenance period? We shall see.

GTA Online will be offline for five hours max, beginning at 1am EDT/5am UTC.

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