GTA Online: Freemode Event Week

gta online freemode eventsStarting today on GTA Online, take advantage of double GTA$ and RP in the game’s exciting Freemode Events. No more Cunning Stunt races or Entourage on repeat, and a nice refreshing dose of mayhem in public lobbies.

“Starting today, participating in GTA Online Freemode Events will earn you Double GTA$ and RP (with the exception of Time Trials). So get ready to dive into action-packed activities and challenges from the Freemode Events Update, including everything from the wanton destruction of Criminal Damage to the smuggling of Dead Drop and everything in between.”

One of the best ones to play is Penned In, which begins with an enormous dome appearing somewhere in Los Santos. Jump into the closest ride and find your way into it before the timer starts. Then, stay within the dome as it begins to move and shrink, smashing and bashing rivals out. Those who are left out of the dome for more than 7 seconds will explode.

Vehicle discounts this week include 25% off the Vapid FMJ, and 50% off the Karin Sultan RS upgrade from Benny’s. There are also discounts on car bombs (if you’re that way inclined) and Ignition parts for your cars. There is also a 25% discount on all resprays, so if you fancy changing up the look of your cars, this is the time to do it.

gta online freemode week

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