GTA Online Festive Surprise now live

gta online festive surpriseHo ho ho, Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas has arrived in San Andreas, with the arrival of the Festive Surprise update for GTA Online. Not only will you be able to grab all the goodies you had stuffed away in the drawer since last year, but now there are more new Christmas themed goodies to get your hands on.

Straight from the Rockstar Newswire update – “Celebrate the holiday season in Los Santos now through January 5th with the Festive Surprise 2015 for GTA Online. This year’s holiday treats feature a whole new collection of free seasonally appropriate clothes and accessories for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This includes:

  • New Santa outfits and a new collection of snug Pajamas
  • Masks featuring Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Bad Elf, Crazy Gingerbread, Festive Luchador and more
  • 3 Christmas themed Car Horns
  • Christmas Trees at Legion Square and in all owned Apartments, Stilt Houses and Yachts

festive surprise

Also, all festive attire from years past will be available during the holiday period for all platforms including original Masks and Clothes from both last year’s Festive Surprise and the original 2013 Holiday Gifts. Plus keep an eye out for special gifts on all platforms during the holidays, including the chance for a few snowball fights during the rare phenomenon of Los Santos snowfall in the forecast as well as some special additions to the growing collection of fun Adversary Modes on PS4, Xbox One and PC.”

Ooh I’m excited! Can’t wait to check out those new car horns, and I can imagine Rockstar adding something hilarious for the new Adversary mode. Their most recent addition, Extraction is fantastic with a full group of 12 people.

[Source: Rockstar Wire]

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