GTA Online: Executive Protection Bonus Weekend

gta online doubleRockstar are still pumping out special offers and weekly events to keep players active and spending money during the few days, and this weekend sees discounts on Executive Offices, cars and more.

“This week in GTA Online, Executives and CEOs of Los Santos are advised to gather their Bodyguard detail and earn Double GTA$ & RP in three Adversary Modes all requiring teamwork, trust and collaboration in order to keep a Target alive. So that you’ve got somewhere to discuss strategy, there are shrewd discounts on Executive Offices, Services and accoutrements, as well as discounts on a few vehicles befitting an Organization‘s top brass. In addition, there are further Double RP opportunities, as well as a brand new Premium Race to best your rivals in.”

From yesterday (Friday) until August 18th, Extraction, Hunting Pack and the latest GTA Online Adversary Mode, Entourage, are all paying out Double GTA$ and RP. To begin reaping the rewards as soon as you enter the game, look out for the Playlist button on the GTAV launch screens, which will drop you straight into a Playlist featuring all three modes.

gta online double

Hunting Pack is one of my favourite activities in GTA Online, and like last night with a group of friends in a lobby, we took turns playing ‘inspirational’ music for the person who had to take the goods from A to B. Whether that was ‘You’re the Best Around’ from Karate Kid, the KnightRider theme, Power Rangers theme, AirWolf theme and more, it was just hilarious. Don’t forget to throw in some Benny Hill to cause giggles in the party chat!

This week’s discounts include half off all Executive Offices and 25% off Office Decor & Customizations like the office Safe or Gun Locker. Assistant Services, such as Impound Recovery and Pegasus Vehicle Delivery, are also half off as well as all clothing from Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. There also a cool 25% markdown on the Pegassi Reaper, ideal for navigating the loops and jumps of the latest community-Created Stunt Races.

[Source: Rockstar]

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