GTA Online discounts and bonus events for Feb 14th

gta online til death do us partIt’s February 14th, which means it’s Valentine’s Day and also the date that Rockstar refresh the deals and bonuses for the following two weeks on GTA Online. Thankfully, Rockstar already have some Valentine’s Day goodies in storage for the occasion, and it’s worth your while checking it all out.

Discount wise, you can pick up the Ocelot Penetrator (Jaguar XJ220 lookalike), and  both the Albany Roosevelts, which are classic mob-like motors. On top of that, you can get a 25% discount on Benny’s car upgrades for the select motors he deals with. If you have your own CEO office, you can find a nice 50% discount on Concierge bonuses such as requesting a limo, a helicopter and more.

gta online valentines

For double money and RP payouts, this is where it gets good! Referring back to the Valentine’s Day mention, two new variations of ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ have been added. That brings the total up to 7 in that mode. This Adversary mode was added last year as far as I recall. It’s Team Deathmatch with a twist.

Players are split into teams of two, and the last team standing wins the round. However, if you or your team mate die, the player left standing takes their own life, and that team is eliminated for the round. Stay close to one another to boost your health regeneration!

gta online relay

On top of Til Death Do Us Part, there is double money for other GTA Online Adversary modes such as Offense Defense, Relay races and Hasta La Vista, the latter of which is a nod to Terminator 2 with its storm drain chase scene. All but Hasta La Vista are 8 players, while the latter is restricted to 4 players. Give them a go, they’re a tonne of fun!

Finally, you can earn an extra 25% bonus GTA$ on all Biker Business Sales and Special Cargo Deliveries through the 27th.

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