GTA Online deals and bonus events for February 28th

gta online stuntRockstar Games have gotten into a new routine as of late regarding GTA Online, where every two weeks now, bonus events and discounts will linger about until you’re just about fed up with them, before being refreshed for another fortnight. Clearly the studio is quietening down while they focus on Red Dead Redemption 2, but support is still coming for Grand Theft Auto V Online, and that keeps a lot of us happy.

Rockstar have yet to officially publish this fortnight’s content, but there are players already nosing around in GTA Online to see what’s new and on offer, and it looks like a good two weeks ahead.

For a start, it appears that we’ll all be taking part in Cunning Stunt races for the next two weeks, with double GTA$ and RP on offer. Rockstar have added 15 new Cunning Stunt races to the game today, so that should come as somewhat refreshing.

gta online cunning stunts 1

Racing, Biker and Stunt suits are all discounted too, and as an added bonus, Vehicle Warehouses will be 25% for the two weeks. You will need a CEO office before you can obtain one, and they’re costly to begin with. Once up and running, the car sourcing missions are fun, and selling them pays out very well!

Car discounts include everything related to Cunning Stunts, so watch out for discounts on the OBEY OMNIS, TROPOS RALLYE, TROPHY TRUCK, DESERT RAID AND DUNE, as well as the EMPEROR ETR1 and ANNIS RE-7B.

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