GTA Online: Customize your Benny’s motor from your office

GTA Online Benny's Original Motor WorksRockstar have added a new awesome feature and a new vehicle to GTA Online today. It’s a small update, but one that definitely speeds up the process of modifying your cars, while also further encouraging some Sharkcard sales, I imagine. 

“Qualifying executives can purchase the Custom Auto Shop add-on for their Offices and do their customizing from the comforts of their glass tower.” This means players won’t have to travel all the way down to Benny’s with their newly purchased car, in a lobby full of homicidal maniacs. No, instead you can do it all from the comfort of your office chair in your CEO office. A nice little touch, thank you very much.

Secondly, Rockstar added a new car to Benny’s, so you have an excuse to try out the new feature. The Progen Itali GTB Custom is now available from Benny’s Original Motor Works. “This sleek jungle cat packs serious speed, devours tight turns with ease, and is sure to terrorize opposing racers across the circuit. Endlessly customizable, Benny’s latest includes options to modify everything from engine performance to the finest interior details.”

gta online protogen

If you need some cash to pick up the car, Cunning Stunt races are still offering double money payouts. Come join me for a few races on Xbox One with the Gamertag ‘Jorn the Eejit’.

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