GTA Online Custom Classics Event

GTA Online custom classics eventAnother week long event is taking place on GTA Online, with Rockstar Games offering double payouts of cash and XP for select game modes. With this week’s release of the Custom Classics to Benny’s mod shop, kit them out for a discounted price, and earn more cash on jobs too.

Each day, you can take part in different game modes and events to make double money. It keeps things fresh for all players, and makes sure the lobbies are full on any given day in those events. It makes sense, unless you really want to play a particular mode on a different day.


Every day this week there’s a different way for you to earn Double GTA$ & RP across various modes and missions:

  • Friday March 18th through Sunday March 20th – Sumo
  • Monday March 21st –  All of the Contact Missions released with GTAO: Lowriders
  • Tuesday March 22nd – Keep The Pace
  • Wednesday March 23rd – Relay
  • Thursday March 24th – Offense Defense

To make it as easy as possible to take advantage, the Double GTA$ & RP bonus for all days (except Monday’s Contact Missions) will be matched by a Playlist available directly from the GTAV launch screens. You will still earn Double GTA$ & RP playing these modes outside of the Playlist; the Playlist is simply there to give you a little headstart when you fire up the game. Monday’s launch screen Playlist will contain a few Races locked to Muscle and Sports Classic classes, so that you can put your Lowriders through their paces. The Double GTA$ & RP bonus on Monday will be on Lamar’s Contact Missions released with the previous Lowriders update.

gta online custom classics event

Building out your prized collection of Lowriders with the Vapid Slamvan Custom, Dundreary Virgo Classic or Willard Faction Custom Donk may require some storage solutions that don’t come flat-packed. Luckily the fine folks at Dynasty 8 Properties are offering 25% off all Properties with a 10-car garage. Simply hit the Internet icon on your iFruit, find the Dynasty 8 advert at the top of the page and choose the space and location best suited for your new additions.


While beautiful hardware to look at, the brand new Compact Rifle and Double Barrel Shotgun won’t do you much good when empty. Make sure you visit Ammu-Nation for 50% off Rifle and Shotgun Ammo all this week – you’ll need it to unload on anyone that tries to mess with your wheels.


The Compact Rifle and Double Barrel Shotgun are both single-handed weapons, ideal for drive-bys from your lolo or (for a quicker getaway) from the handlebars of a Motorcycle. To make the most of this awesome ability, enjoy 25% off ALL Motorbikes in GTA Online now through the 24th. Visit the in-game websites for Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas Super Autos and pick up the hog(s) that tickle your fancy.


With three new custom vehicles available as part of Benny’s spring roll-out, time to make sure you have your Slamvan, Virgo Classic and Custom Donk fully locked and lowered. Spend a week at Benny’s to take advantage of 75% discounts on all Bobbleheads, Column Shift Levers and Plaques and put the coup de grâce on your latest ride.

[Source: Rockstar Games]

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