GTA Online Cunning Stunts Special Vehicles now available

gta online cunning stunts 2017Rockstar have rolled out yet another update for GTA Online today, as promised last week. The Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle circuits are now live, adding 20 new stunt races which highlight the special features of the special vehicles.

“Special Vehicles and Stunt Races are a match made in heaven. Bunny hop an opponent, rocket through Stunt Tubes and live the life aquatic as the Ruiner 2000, Rocket Voltic and Blazer Aqua each receive their own set of Stunt Races tailored to each vehicle’s unique features and capabilities. Find the Special Vehicle Circuit Series icon on the map to jump directly into the action.”

Take advantage of the Ruiner 2000’s jumping and parachuting capabilities to take the podium, or the rocket boosting Rocket Voltic as you launch yourself across the Los Santos skylines. Then we have the Blazer Aqua, for water-friendly navigation crossed with stunt loops. Madness altogether! Enjoy these new events with a double cash and RP payout from today until March 22nd.

Starting today and available through March 22nd, you can take advantage of 25% off the following essentials:

  • Stilt Houses
  • Penthouse Apartments
  • Progen T20
  • Engine Upgrades
  • Turbo Upgrades
  • Exhausts
  • Spoilers
  • Submachine Guns
  • Body Armor
  • Import/Export Clothing

Rockstar have also kindly removed the need to complete Heists in order to unlock heist specific vehicles. That means that if you still haven’t completed any or all the heists, you can now buy the Insurgent, Armored Karuma, the Hydra hover jet and more.

Today also sees the release of the Progen GP1 vehicle in GTA Online, which sells for $1.3million in GTA monies. Three more cars will arrive in the coming weeks too!

gta online progen gp1

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