GTA Online: Cunning Stunts gets a boost in new tracks

cunning stunts gta onlineLast week, Rockstar Games updated GTA Online with one of its most ambitious, literally off the wall content updates since Grand Theft Auto V’s release, and a week later, it’s being expanded on already. The Cunning Stunts add-on turned races into Trackmania-esque loop-de-loop extravaganzas, and this week, it has been updated with six new adrenaline-pumping Races and 3 more stunt-ready vehicles.

The Super, Muscle, Sports, Bikes and Off-Road classes can compete, plummet and get airborne through rings of fire in a new collection of Races taking place throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.

One of the races, called Zebra sounds the most interesting of the lot. “A few massive slingshots and vertical drops around Mount Chiliad will play havoc with a full stomach. Time to skip lunch… and breakfast… and to pack a change of underwear. Point to Point Stunt Race for the Sports class.”

The livery-clad racing fleet also expands today with the addition of the Ocelot Lynx, Declasse Drift Tampa and Western Cliffhanger, growing the Sports and Motorcycle classes. And for high-stakes racing aficionados, a new Premium Race popping up over the weekend will put your best Sports cars to the test in Zebra (look for the yellow blip at Legion Square).

cunning stunts bonusI have personally been fanboying over GTA Online in the past week, taking advantage of all these new Cunning Stunts race types, thinking up new design ideas for when the editor becomes available to the community (August 2nd) and enjoying the VIP and CEO missions. It’s such a fantastic game and I’m glad to see Rockstar still putting time and effort into it. What a must-have title!

[Source: Rockstar Newswire]

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