GTA Online Cunning Stunts expands further today

gta online cunning stunts bonusesToday, Rockstar Games have added another five new Stunt Races to the roster of GTA Online: Cunning Stunts, taking you and your appetite for high-flying, daring, stunting action everywhere from the peaks of Mount Chiliad to the shores of Vespucci. As well as that, there are also new vehicles, and double money payouts!

As well as that, next week sees the official launch of the Stunt Race Creator tool which will harness the talents of the amazing Creator community to usher in a whole new era of player-made mayhem. I can’t begin to imagine what the creative community has up their stunt jumpsuit’s sleeve. It’s super exciting!

So, we have 5 new events today, including Chiliad for Super cars, H200 for Sport cars, Over the Bridge for Bikes, Vespucci for Supers again, and The Wave for Bikes. No joy for Compacts this week, or Sedans.

cunning stunts 3

Three new vehicles, the Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, MTL Dune and Vapid Contender, have also been added to GTA Online today. Tackle Stunt Races with Sprunk guzzling pride in the branded livery-clad Buffalo, or dial up your friends at Pegasus to motor through the Blaine County off-road in the MTL Dune. The Contender offers formidable size and balanced suspension to tackle a variety of terrains – an asset for active Executives and VIPs.

gta online cunning stunts From Wednesday July 27th through Friday July 29th, ALL Stunts Series Races will dish out Double GTA$ and RP. In addition to being accessible from the pink Stunt Series blips on the map, you can jump into the Stunt Series directly right on the GTAV loading screen. High rollers, keep an eye out for a Premium Race this weekend, where you can ante up and try to take down all comers in a mad dash for that GTA$100,000 top prize.

Rockstar, keep it up, as this is fantastic stuff, and I implore anyone who hasn’t tried the Cunning Stunts update to go do it ASAP!

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