GTA Online Biker update 2 adds a three wheeler, 6th property

gta online raptor biker update 2Following last week’s release of the GTA Online: Bikers update, Rockstar Games have released another update which adds two new vehicles to the roster of available rides, and has answered the prayers of many players with the ability to purchase a sixth property.

“Hitting the streets of Los Santos this week are the Daemon Custom and the Raptor. The new Daemon is the perfect way to let every passerby know you belong to a long and distinguished tradition of gangland chic. But if you crave that mixture of awe, confusion and arousal that only a turbo-charged three-wheeler can inspire, the Raptor is the ride for you.”


The best news is that Rockstar has added the ability to purchase a sixth property, which has been requested for some time by fans. With all the new vehicles and bikes added in previous updates, players found themselves having to sell old favourites just to try out the new motors. Rockstar do listen!

unning for a full two weeks through October 24th, take advantage of a new set of GTA Online discounts and unlockable rewards. You’ll receive a black Western Logo Hoodie just by logging into GTA Online at any point over the next two weeks. There’s also Double GTA$ & RP in the new Slipstream Adversary Mode, along with a special Double GTA$ & RP Playlist featuring a selection of Stunt Races.

Slipstream sees teams of bikers tick together to hit checkpoints at the same time as they vie to be first over the finish line. As teams jockey for lead position, taking full and clever advantage of the other players’ slipstreams for speed boosts – and using well timed attacks to melee opponents off their bikes. Messy, Road Rash style!

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